Ezaki Chiropractic Services


At Ezaki Chiropractic we treat people of all ages, from children to the elderly, for many different problems. Chiropractic deals with the whole person and treats the causes of problems as well as their symptoms.  We treat every case individually.  We will conduct a thorough history of your current complaint, previous treatment, and relevant medical  history.  A full physical examination will be preformed, including nerve  and muscle testing and a comprehensive spinal examination.  We utilize a  variety of different therapies based on your condition. 

In general, at Ezaki Chiropractic we treat:

  •  Headaches, neck and back pain
  •  Arm and leg pain
  •  Work, home, and sports injuries
  •  Injuries arising from vehicle accidents and postural faults
  •  Biomechanical faults of the ankles and feet corrected by custom orthotics.

Custom Orthotics

Contrary to popular belief, many people with foot problems experience little or no pain in their feet. Instead, the pain is transferred to other areas of your body.  Your feet are the foundation for your entire body, and having proper posture is the best way to support your body.  If you have weakness or unstable positioning in either foot, it can contribute to postural problems throughout the rest of your body.  By balancing your feet, orthotics help improve your posture, enhance your body’s performance and efficiency, reduce pain, and contribute to your total body wellness. 


Wellness is maintenance care for the most important machine you own – your body.  Most of our patients come to us for the first time because they are suffering from pain of some sort.  Once they receive Chiropractic care they start to realize the additional benefits such as  an overall sense of well-being and increased energy.  If you feel really good, then you can live your life without limitations. You can be a better parent, spouse, employee or whatever you want to be.  This is what wellness care is all about.  Regular Chiropractic care can help you live that life.  Many people choose that for themselves.  


 "Look well to the spine, for many diseases have their origin in dislocations of the vertebral column."  

- Hippocrates